How To Plan Your Engagement Party in 8 Easy Steps

Congratulations! You’re engaged, and now it’s time to celebrate with an engagement party! Don’t know how to start planning? No problem, this is most likely the first party of its kind that you’re planning. That’s where FLEXX comes in to help. Follow these 8 simple steps to plan your engagement party.

Step 1: Who’s Hosting?
As we all know, wedding festivities come with many etiquette rules and traditions to follow. What’s fun and different about engagement parties is that they are a lot more laid back, allowing you and your S.O. to be involved in any way you’d like! That being said, most often the bride’s parents will be the first to host a celebration, though if the groom’s parents, your siblings, your BFF, or even you and your fianc√© would like to put together this one that is A-OK! Just make sure that the bride’s parents have the first right of refusal. It may also make sense to have more than one celebration if families live in two different places! Just a friendly reminder to whoever hosts: This means they are the one to send out the invitations, make the toast, and pay for the party — so this is something for them to keep in mind.

Step 2: Set a Date
Just like you would with any other party, make sure you’re keeping important dates in mind when setting your day. Be considerate of holiday seasons, family birthdays, etc. Your engagement party should be within a few months of the proposal and before you dive deep into planning the wedding.

Step 3: Pick a Venue
You’ll want to choose a location that fits your guest count, matches the formality of your party, and stays within your budget. Engagement parties can be big or small, formal or informal — it is totally up to you! Commonly, these events are held in a parent’s home or backyard, saving cost here and giving it that more relaxed feel. It’s also fun to do something a bit more formal and intimate, such as renting out a room in your most-loved restaurant or reserving some tables at your favorite speakeasy for a “cocktail hour” type celebration.

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Step 4: Send Out the Invitations
Again, depending on how formal you want to be, you can either mail out paper invitations or use a free online service to electronically invite your guests. You can be fun and creative here as these invitations don’t necessarily need to match your wedding stationary. Don’t forget to include your wedding registry on the invitation, and make sure you’re sending these out with plenty of lead time — we suggest about a month in advance.

Step 5: Plan the Menu
Heavy hor d’oeuvres are definitely the way to go here. No need to put together a 5-course meal, your friends and family are gathering to celebrate the couple and will want to mingle and catch up with one other. You’ll also want the freedom of roaming around to greet everyone and allow them to give you their congratulations. Cookouts in the backyard or taco bars are other fun, classic, and effortless ways to have a good time! For dessert, you don’t have to do a cake. We recommend doing something a little unique such as an ice cream station or assorted baked goods, like this amazing doughnut wall at this cocktail hour!

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Caterer: A Spice of Life 
Donuts: Voodoo Doughnut Mile High
Decor Rentals: Yonder House

Step 8: Decorate!
You don’t need to get too crazy here. When in doubt, keep it simple! And again, your engagement party decor doesn’t need to match your wedding colors. This is a great time to try out a florist in your area. Have them put together a few small arrangements which will add a nice touch to any space and provide a romantic atmosphere. Dress up your tables with colorful linen (check out our linen collection here!), a variety of candles, or a few pieces that hint at your wedding theme.

Now, ready to start tackling your wedding checklist? Start planning your wedding with help from our Wishlist, or speak with a wedding specialist here to help perfect your special day!