Event Checklist

Event Checklist: Forget-me-not Party Items

Planning a party requires a bit more brain power than we often have available during our hectic days. Fortunately, the team at FLEXX is committed to helping you host flawless events, so we’ve put together a list of forget-me-not items. Print this event checklist off and check off the items you need!

 Tables & Chairs: If you’re ordering tables for an event, make sure to ask for chairs, unless you are supplying your own. FLEXX has an array of chairs from bar stools and folding chairs to kids high chairs and bleachers. We are happy to provide extra for any surprise guests! Remember, people want to enjoy your event so let them sit comfortably.

 Linens: For more elegant parties, most people prefer linens on their tables. When ordering tables and linens, be sure to specify if you prefer mid or floor-length cloths; the sizes can be confusing so let our staff help you decide what will work the best. FLEXX has table covers and napkins in almost any color you can imagine. We also provide specialty linens in satin, crush, or galaxy.
 Tent Extras: When hosting a party, your main concern is keeping your guests happy so don’t forget to inquire about extra ‘luxury’ items such as tent fans, heaters, coat racks or water barrel covers. If you’re opting for a tent with sidewalls make sure to specify whether you prefer solid or windowed.

 Party Accessories: Usually, clean up is the last thing on your mind when you’re just starting to plan for a party but it is a necessary evil. Rather than bringing your own, FLEXX can supply trash cans and trash can wraps for quick and easy clean up. Additionally, keep your guests on site with clean and reliable port-o-potties!

 Bar Accessories: Not hosting a sit down dinner but want a place for guests to rest their drinks? FLEXX has both short and tall cocktail tables that are affordable and versatile. Speaking of cocktails, don’t forget to inquire about troughs to keep your drinks cold and champagne flutes for toasting!

 Catering details: Some might say that perfection is in the detail. At FLEXX, we understand that the details are usually the most annoying and first to be forgotten. If you are serving any food remember to ask about: bread, butter plates, butter knives, bread baskets, salt and pepper shakers, coffee mugs, coffee cups and saucers, coffee spoons, sugar and creamer caddies, as well as beverage servers.

Here is a list of other small items that FLEXX carries that can help you raise the bar at your next event:

  • GOBOs
  • Helium Tanks (yes, we carry them!)
  • Grills & griddles
  • Projectors and screens
  • Champagne flutes
  • Dance floors
  • Concession items
  • Stage steps (this one is usually overlooked!)

Truthfully, these details not only impress your guests but also help your event run smoothly. Still, we understand that you have a lot to think about from your guest list to your party favors. While we do our best to remind you of these often forgotten items, we encourage you to add them to your must-include checklist.

If there is something important we’re forgetting, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Happy planning!