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Linen Rentals: How FLEXX Is Using RFID Technology

At FLEXX Productions, we’re committed to staying up-to-date and ahead of the curve when it comes to technology. Most recently, we introduced an RFID system to better help manage our inventory and improve our overall customer service. Over the past few months, our team has perfected this technology so that it can be seamlessly incorporated as we continue to expand and replenish our products.

The RFID system is pretty straight forward: a tag is attached to each ...


Speciality Linens :: FLEXX Productions :: Tents Decor Event Rentals

Linens are a relatively "small" detail that can really enhance the look of any room. We carry a wide variety of linens and speciality linens to match any color palate!

If you are hosting an event or reception in a hotel, often times the hotel's linen selection is very much limited. If your venue doesn't have what you are looking for, call Flexx and we can get you what you need!

If by some chance you are having a peacock-themed event, guess what?! We even have linens for that theme!...


White table cloths. White chairs. B-O-R-I-N-G :: FLEXX Productions :: Tents Decor Event Rentals

Wedding: round tables of 10, covered in white linens with white folded chairs. Why do most weddings include this? Picture this: Contemporary square tables accompanied by chic black and silver chairs. Black linens underneath silver chargers, red glassware and silver flatware. Your guests dancing on top of a black dance floor with your monogram shown in lights in the middle. Sound amazing, unique and fun? These relatively small changes can make a huge difference and make your wedding once that is ...


Linen Creativity :: FLEXX Productions :: Tents Decor Event Rentals

I went to a wedding over the weekend and I loved how they used their linens - Instead of putting boring ole' white linens on all the guest tables and black on the food tables, they jazzed it up, and it made a huge difference.

The colors in the wedding were ivory, chocolate brown and lavender. For cocktail hour, which was in the Upper Garden Terrace, the high-top cocktail tables were Ivory with a Lavender tie. Then below where the reception took place (in the lower gardens), the tables were c...