Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree

If you're looking for a fun and easy way to decorate your holiday table,  use ornaments!!  They are simple, spirited, and very affordable (especially if you make them yourself)!

Here, you can use use them as small table vases by putting the flowers and water in the hanging hole at top and cutting  another piece and gluing underneath -- voila!!

Hanging them in a row above your table could look awesome too!  However, we would suggest using translucent fishing line (to give it a float...


Pick-Apart the Thanksgiving Table

Hmm . . . what to discuss first?  Maybe we should start by mentioning that we are aware that there is A LOT going on – A LOT, A LOT!!  So, with that being said, we also feel it’s important to address that this was designed for an artistic, not functional, purpose and can still offer great ideas on designing your next table (just maybe not all at once)!!

For instance, we can appreciate th...