How to Stick to Your Wedding Budget

Establish a Budget System that Works for You

It is important to maintain a good system to not only keep you sane, but to keep track of all of your payments and their due dates. Reminders in phones, calendars, and planners are essential! There are also great online resources, such as budget calculators, that are great tools to help you understand how much you should be spending on certain items.

Keep In Mind Hidden Fees and Extra Charges

Overtime and after hours charg...


Classy DIY Thanksgiving Decor

We would argue that one of the best things about holiday season is all of the fun decor. Who else loves switching up their home's aesthetic during this time of year? It's even fun to switch it up from year to year, based on the current trends.

An easy and cost effective way to change up your fall interior and event design this year is to make your own decor! Don't worry, it doesn't have to look cheesy or like a kindergartener did it. We'll walk you through some of our favorite options to hel...


How to Propose in a Completely Personal Way

Are you thinking about how to propose to your partner? Read on to hear our top tips on how to propose in a way that is unique to you two.

Tip #1: Get Sentimental
Nostalgia is your best friend when it comes to proposing. Take a walk down memory lane and think of your favorite times spent together. Whether that was a vacation, a night out, or an evening in. Use this memory as inspiration to either recreate it or take a spin on it! This is an opportunity to incorporate a special part ...


Tips for Hosting the Perfect Fall Event with FLEXX

We are major fans of fall colors, and we're glad to see them back in action! The earthy color palette is cozy and comforting. There is actually science behind why we "fall" in love with this season. It starts when we are young, as this time of year is unconsciously associated with happy memories, including the excitement of going back to school, getting new clothes and supplies, and seeing your friends every day again. We still respond to this pattern, even once out of school.

Moreover, ma...


FLEXX Featured Wedding: Anna and Preston

Anna and Preston's day was a special one. They were surrounded by endless views of the mountains and those that they love. The two chose an outdoor ceremony and tented reception, and the photos are some of our favorites of the year. You can really see all of the love that went into all of the details.

This photo captures all of the excitement for the day - Anna couldn't wait to see her groom. But before she went outside to become his wife, she had to make sure she got someone's final appr...