Tips for Great Company Holiday Parties

Like fruitcake, company holiday parties are a holiday tradition. Also like fruitcake, they’re as hated as they are beloved. How’s your company party going to break? If you’re in charge of spreading holiday cheer, Flexx Productions’ tips for great company holiday parties can help save the season. Or at least the evening.

Start by setting the right mood by being inclusive. That’s not just adopting inclusive “Happy Holidays” themes over “Merry Christmas” ones. It starts by reme...


You’re Engaged! What Next? The First 7 Wedding Planning To-Dos

You're engaged! While the big day may seem far off, it'll come quickly. Make sure you stay abreast of your responsibilities as the day approaches by following basic wedding planning to-dos

Create a Timeline

The first question everyone will ask you post engagement... "Have you picked a wedding date?" Rather than picking one date, we recommend determining a range of dates that will work for the both of you as choosing a date is mainly based on the availability ...


Holiday Styling Tips: Event Styling Tips for the Holidays

Halloween has come and gone once again, which means it is now officially the holiday season! Holiday events are some of our most-loved events to plan, and to help provide decor inspiration for parties this year we have put together a list of our three favorite holiday styling tips to hosting fall and winter holiday events.
1. Decorative Lighting
We are starting to see the lights hung up again on trees in the downtown areas, wreaths posted on the outsides of malls, and homes glea...


How to Host an Awesome Friendsgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is next week, and we can't wait! It is such a wonderful time of year to get together with loved ones and share a special, tasty meal. Though, it's not always possible to get together with family - whether that is due to limited budget for travel costs, weather restrictions, or other circumstances. So, why not start a new tradition this year? Host a Friendsgiving dinner! FLEXX has all the ins and outs of throwing an awesome party, so keep on reading to get ideas of how ...


Hosting an Outdoor Thanksgiving Dinner

The average temperature in Fort Collins on Thanksgiving is in the upper 40s or low 50s. Are you bold enough to try to take advantage of autumn’s last gasp and celebrate an outdoor Thanksgiving dinner? With proper planning - and a little cooperation from Mother Nature, of course - it’s easily within your reach. Construct a plan for the perfect Thanksgiving dinner outside by covering your bases.

Start by planning for the best possible experience for your guests. It gets dark - and cold - ea...