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Must-Have Photos for Your Wedding! :: Northern Colorado :: Tents Decor Event Rentals

We've all seen millions of wedding photos. Some are very traditional and formal, some are hip and funky. But sometimes we see some wedding photos that really stand out from the rest. Here is a quick rundown of photos you should taken for your special day. Print this list and show to your photographer. They will have suggestions on how to personalize your photos to fit your personality and wedding theme. And remember...this is the day you will never forget, so be sure to capture every detail you ...


Winter Wedding Accessories :: Northern Colorado :: Tents Decor Event Rentals

As your winter wedding quickly approaches, enhance your wedding attire with wonderful winter wedding accessories.

This bride added some spunk to her wedding dress with a bright cashmere scarf and funky red, high-heeled boots.

Photo Credit

Photo Credit

Another bride incorporated a chic Colorado ski theme for her entire wedding party. The bridesmaids wore dapper winter boots, fur hand muffs, and cozy gray peacoats over their dresses while the groomsmen stepped out in fury hats and ...


Jazz Up Your Glassware :: FLEXX Productions :: Tents Decor Event Rentals

We have a HUGE variety of glassware - Adding a fun, unique vase to the event decor can really jazz up any event. Say you're planning a wedding and you fall in love with this photo out of a magazine.

And you decide you want TONS of flowers in Mason jars - If we don't have all of them in inventory, we can find them for you!

Flexx can do what it takes to make your event amazing - Just tell us your vision and we can take it from there!...


Non-floral Centerpieces :: FLEXX Productions :: Tents Decor Event Rentals

Centerpieces don't have to include flowers all the time - Change it up and give your guests something to talk about! The above photo is actually a photo printed on paper...You can take any artwork or photo, print on a white, thin piece of paper, wrap around a glass vase and VOILA! A centerpiece is made! Glue ribbon at the bottom and place a tea light candle inside the vase - This gives a beautiful glow...and it's cheap!

Candles always make for great centerpieces, but you don't have ha...


Charity Events on a Budget Don’t Have to Look Cheap :: FLEXX Productions :: Tents Decor Event Rentals

We have been to so many events over the years, and in my opinion, there is nothing worse than attending a long, boring event which includes bad food and even worse entertainment - Then at the end, they ask you for money.

I am not saying you have to serve a 3-course meal and spend an obscene amount of money on the venue, but a professional-looking event encourages me to donate more money. Bottom line.

Flexx had the pleasure to provide the rental for a local charity event earlier this year -...


Creative Centerpiece Ideas :: FLEXX Productions :: Tents Decor Event Rentals

Whether it's a wedding, a fundraising event or a corporate holiday party, chances are there will be a centerpiece on the table. Flowers can get expensive, so here are some new ideas for centerpieces!

The above photo was found on Martha Stewart Weddings, and I love it not only for the look, but how you can use these balloon centerpieces. For a wedding, the balloons can provide height to the room, especially if the cielings are super high. For a nonprofit fundraiser, you could insert a ra...


Sweeten Up Your Sweets Table :: FLEXX Productions :: Tents Decor Event Rentals

I just came across this photo and love how a few simple additions to this table make it unique and fun!

First of all, adding a Sweets Table or Candy Bar to any reception, shower or event is a fun way to showcase desserts or candy!

Renting some odd-shaped glassware and tying ribbon around the base is a simple and affordable way to name the drink or tell of the ingredients. Colored linens are yet another affordable way to add your personal flair to any table! Lastly, in my opinion, all tab...


Spruce Up Your Tradeshow Booth :: FLEXX Productions :: Tents Decor Event Rentals

Is your company hosting a booth in any trade shows this year? Perhaps the Spring Showcase through your local Chamber of Commerce...Or a booth in The Taste of your city...No matter the industry, Flexx can help "spruce" up your booth so you stand out of the crowd!

There are several things you can add to your booth, that won't break your bank: Small lights, a few TVs or a large screen to project product demonstrations or alike, bright colored linens, square tables...

A popcorn machi...


DIY Photobooth :: FLEXX Productions :: Tents Decor Event Rentals

Photobooths are a trend right now in events, especially weddings - and it should be! Photobooths are a great addition to any event, and guests LOVE getting silly in front of the camera!

BUT, you don't have to spend a pretty penny to rent an actual photobooth - setting up some fun, colorful or textured fabric or pipe and drape, will give you a great look for the background.

Flexx has a wide variety of drapery that would work perfect in any photobooth!...


Backyard Wedding In March :: FLEXX Productions :: Tents Decor Event Rentals

Flexx was hired to set up a tent for a backyard wedding...In March...In Colorado. As you know, our weather can be gorgeous one day and snowing the next. Our fingers were crossed that the weather would be nice for our beautiful bride, and it was! The sun was shining, but the wind was blowing, and hard.

Our staff set up the tent, and thanks to a few trick up our sleeve, the tent didn't even budge in the wind.

Keeping the tent walls open until the party starts, is the key to avoiding ...


Add “Bars” to Your Event! :: FLEXX Productions :: Tents Decor Event Rentals

You've heard of a mashed potato bar, and a mac-n-cheese bar...This is the year for spicing things up a bit and bringing some new ideas to your event or wedding! How about an Ice Cream Bar?!

Or a Cheese Bar (display)

Here are some other fun ideas: S'mores Bar, Crepe Bar, Nacho Bar...So many things can be turned into a fun display with a few fun glassware, some linens and some props!...


When your venue nickel and dimes you or doesn’t have what you want :: FLEXX Productions :: Tents Decor Event Rentals

Have you been on the planning committee for an event � perhaps for a nonprofit, for your company or for a personal Holiday Party � and you get nickel and dimed for every little thing? Audio visual fee. Microphone fee. Internet plug in fee. Chair set up fee. The list goes on. Sometimes venues up charge needed event rental items (like tables, chairs, chair covers, staging equipment�) and it could be cheaper for you to rent from an outside rental company (if allowed). Or what about t...