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Tailgating Tips

It’s a new football season! Whether you’re cheering for the Rams at the new on-campus stadium, trekking down to Mile High to root for the Broncos or packing up for a road trip to a far-flung stadium, everyone knows that what happens in the parking lot before the game is almost as fun as the on-field action. If you’re ready to take your tailgate to the next level, our tailgating tips can help transform your next event.

FLEXX Productions is here to help you design an unforgettable tailgate ...


How To Sound Check A Microphone Before Your Event

If you’re using a microphone and public address system at your event, you clearly want your speakers to be heard. While having the equipment on hand is a great step, knowing how to set up and use the system is also essential for getting the best sound.

Sound Check: It’s not as rigorous as setting up a band’s live show, but your sound check’s the perfect time to make sure everything is functioning right, and that you won’t be blasting your audience’s ears with feedback as soon as t...


Rustic Colorado Weddings from FLEXX

It’s likely you want to plan your Colorado wedding to fit your Colorado lifestyle – that delicate balance of outdoorsy practicality and glamour. With FLEXX Productions in your corner, you’ll have everything you need to make your rustic wedding an event for the ages.

After choosing the event center, mountain meadow – or back yard, if you’re lucky enough to have landscaping – let FLEXX productions turn your rustic wedding into a night of glamour outfitting your guests’ needs while r...


Event Audio – Why Your Home System Won’t Cut It

You're planning an event and need audio. Why not go with your home system?

You’re proud of your home audio system, and with good reason: You did the research and made the investment to get a system that blows your hair back when you’re listening. Unfortunately, it’s not going to cut it when you transport it to an event. Here’s why:

Power: Filling even a large living room or home theater with sound is a much easier task than making an event hall or an outdoor setting sound good. Eve...


Spring into Garden Parties with FLEXX Productions

Garden party season may seem distant while you shovel your driveway during our Colorado March storms, but have faith: Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying nights on your patio with friends. Start planning now to make your springtime soiree a night to remember.

Standing Patio Heater: Don’t count on the weather to play into your plans. This is Colorado, after all. Fight off the cold and give guests a spot to warm up with a propane patio heater.


Tents and Rentals for Any Season

Seasons are changing, but that doesn’t mean the party planning has to stop!

It might seem easy to forgo any outdoor event planning as the weather changes, but here at FLEXX, we understand the unpredictability of Colorado weather. Summer, Fall, Winter or Spring — we know the weather in colorful Colorado can change at the drop of a hat! Luckily, we have everything you need to host the perfect event, even when mother nature has a different plan.


Tips For Enjoying Summer Weddings

Let's be honest, record-breaking heat + outdoor weddings don't really go hand in hand. No matter how light and flowy your dress is, you just can't stop sweating and dreaming about air conditioning. While outdoor summer weddings are romantic and unique, they can be really tough to execute but not impossible! Whether you're hosting or attending a summer wedding, we've got some tricks to help keep you cool, calm and collected.

For Brides: Put a Cool Drink in Their Hand
Champagne is wonderfu...


How to Throw the Perfect Cocktail Party

A cocktail party can be a great atmosphere to mingle with friends or get to know coworkers a little better. They’re fairly easy to plan and less expensive than an extravagant party! To help you plan a perfect cocktail party, and allow you to have as much fun as your guests, we’ve put together a full-proof guide for your flawless evening.

First, it is always important to decide on the theme of any type of event. From casual to costume, you want to distinguish what kind of evening it will b...


#Hashtag Your Next Wedding or Event

It wasn’t too long ago that disposable cameras littered wedding reception tables or ceremony chairs. If a bride and groom wanted to see their wedding day from a guest’s point of view, they would just hand out one-use cameras.  With the birth of smart phones and hashtags though, weddings, parties, and events can be captured like never before.

Most commonly used for weddings, hashtags are the new way to capture an event with little to no effort. By combining the name of the bride and groom...


Food Bars | Northern Colorado | Tents Decor Event Rentals

A food bar, sometimes called a station, can instantly make your wedding more fun, festive, and memorable for your guests.

1.  S’mores Bar

Place Sternos in terra cotta pots and let your guests roast their own marshmallows over an open flame. Provide a variety of chocolate and graham crackers along with fresh fruit as an added bonus!

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2.  Milk & Cookie Bar

A family friendly alternative to a cocktail hour, milk and cookie bars are fun for all ages and can also a...


Cupcake Love :: Northern Colorado :: Tents Decor Event Rentals

If you have been to a wedding or bridal show recently, you have noticed a sudden trend in bride’s choosing cupcakes instead of the traditional wedding cake. But keep in mind, cupcakes have been popular for over twenty years. Cupcakes are not just a fad, it’s an enduring love affair. The single-serve desserts stand out for their innovative designs and infinite flavor combinations.

We’d like to share some cupcake recipes that have us drooling here at FLEXX.

Pink Lemonade Cupcakes



Green Event Color Schemes :: Northern Colorado :: Tents Decor Event Rentals

St. Patrick’s Day is one of the first signs that spring has arrived! The Irish holiday is celebrated every year on March 17 and is named after Saint Patrick, commonly recognized as the patron saint of Ireland. Originally, the color associated with Saint Patrick was blue but over the years, the color green and its association with St. Patrick’s Day grew because Saint Patrick is known to have used the three-clover shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity to the Irish.

Green is now one of the mo...