Silver Color Scheme :: Northern Colorado :: Tents Decor Event Rentals

You don’t have to be rich to sparkle! Silver is a timeless color that can add a touch of whimsy and elegance to any wedding or event. This color scheme has endless possibilities. Be bold and drape your rental tables with silver sequined rental table linens, or take a more conventional approach and use shiny pewter centerpieces. Either way, who doesn't need a little sparkle and shine in their life?!

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Keep in mind, if you choose to go bold with sparkly renta...


Table Setting Etiquette :: Northern Colorado :: Tents Decor Event Rentals

You may be setting the table for your Christmas Eve party this afternoon and ask yourself, which side does the spoon go on, and is it the big fork on the inside or the small fork? Lucky for you, we’ve got you covered! Here is the table setting basics (plus some tips to help you remember next time!) Emily Post would be so proud!

Informal Table Setting
1. Forks are placed on the left of the dinner plate, knives and spoons go on the right. REMEMBER: Fork and Left  = 4 Letters ; Knife, Spoon ...


Ceiling Drapery & Tent Liners :: Northern Colorado :: Tents Decor Event Rentals

A great way to jazz up a celebration is lining the entire top of your venue with fabric! In addition to creating a breathtakingly memorable look,  tent liners and draping open up the space to make it appear larger than it actually is. Rental tent liners can also hide ugly tent boning and soften the overall structure to create an elegant and classic look for a wedding. Tent liners and draping from the ceiling adds originality, depth, and a special spark to make your party top notch!



DIY Party Pom-Poms :: Northern Colorado :: Tents Décor Event Rentals

Pom-Poms hung above a rental dining table, rental buffet table, rental cake table, or rental dance floor bring height and texture to any event location. You can purchase pre-made pom-poms at any party, wedding, or craft supplier, but if you are on a budget, making them at home can be a cost effective way to recreating this popular look. provides step-by-step instructions on how to create these dahlia-like blossoms. All you will need is some colorful tissue paper, 24-gauge whit...


Pinecones :: Fall Décor :: FLEXX Productions :: Tents Décor Event Rentals

Who doesn’t love holiday decorations that are cheap, easy to find, and are effortlessly incorporated with your year round décor staples? Embrace your Colorado mountain surroundings and make pinecones the centerpiece for your Thanksgiving or Christmas celebrations. You can purchase a bag of pinecones for a few bucks at Oriental Trader, Hobby Lobby, or even better, scavenge your neighborhood for free pine cones in need of a good home.

This tablescape is a simple, yet elegant, way to feature ...


Grey & Burnt Orange :: Fall Colors :: FLEXX Productions :: Tents Décor Event Rentals

With Thanksgiving a little more than a week away, a color scheme of gray and burnt orange could be a welcome addition to your Turkey Day table décor. This modern tablescape is complements of Hostess with the Mostess (if you have not discovered HWTM yet, it is an event designers dream!) You can recreate this table setting with a pewter pintuck rental table linen, burnt orange pintuck rental napkins, square white china, and crystal water glasses, all of which are available to rent at FLEXX Produc...


Plum & Burnt Orange :: Fall Colors :: FLEXX Productions :: Tents Décor Event Rentals

Plum and burnt orange is a fun and whimsical color scheme that can brighten up your fall celebration, whether it's a wedding, bar mitzvah, festival, fundraiser, or corporate event.

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This vivid combination was inspired by this scrumptious Plum, Almond and Orange Galette that we’re sure would be a welcome addition to any Thanksgiving Day feast.

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Pairing plum and burnt orange is certainly a daring and courageous choice for event décor but consider this: pu...


Celadon & Brown :: Fall Colors :: FLEXX Productions :: Tents Décor Event Rentals

Rental linens, centerpieces, flowers, lighting and invitations are great ways to incorporate a theme of celadon and brown that will impress your event guests. This eye-catching and modern color scheme can update your Northern Colorado fall wedding or party. Celadon is a shade of green named after a type of European pottery that has a distinctive pale jade-green glaze. When paired with a rich chocolate brown, celadon is strikingly exquisite; it can take your event from drab and dated to bri...


Fall Colors :: FLEXX Productions :: Tents Decor Event Rentals

In Northern Colorado the leaves have already changed and the holidays are fast approaching. Throughout the month of November we will be featuring some variations on basic fall colors that will really get your wheels turning and the planning started!

Here is a sneak peak at one color combo to try for your fall wedding or event:

Red, Orange, and White


Spruce Up Your Tradeshow Booth :: FLEXX Productions :: Tents Decor Event Rentals

Is your company hosting a booth in any trade shows this year? Perhaps the Spring Showcase through your local Chamber of Commerce...Or a booth in The Taste of your city...No matter the industry, Flexx can help "spruce" up your booth so you stand out of the crowd!

There are several things you can add to your booth, that won't break your bank: Small lights, a few TVs or a large screen to project product demonstrations or alike, bright colored linens, square tables...

A popcorn machi...


DIY Photobooth :: FLEXX Productions :: Tents Decor Event Rentals

Photobooths are a trend right now in events, especially weddings - and it should be! Photobooths are a great addition to any event, and guests LOVE getting silly in front of the camera!

BUT, you don't have to spend a pretty penny to rent an actual photobooth - setting up some fun, colorful or textured fabric or pipe and drape, will give you a great look for the background.

Flexx has a wide variety of drapery that would work perfect in any photobooth!...


Add “Bars” to Your Event! :: FLEXX Productions :: Tents Decor Event Rentals

You've heard of a mashed potato bar, and a mac-n-cheese bar...This is the year for spicing things up a bit and bringing some new ideas to your event or wedding! How about an Ice Cream Bar?!

Or a Cheese Bar (display)

Here are some other fun ideas: S'mores Bar, Crepe Bar, Nacho Bar...So many things can be turned into a fun display with a few fun glassware, some linens and some props!...